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Baptiste Abilities & Splash Art Reveal

Baptiste Abilities & Splash Art Reveal

  • Vainglory
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  • Apr 12, 2017

Baptiste dictates battle by striking fear into the heart of his enemies. Reaping the souls of his opponents, he both sustains himself and empowers his attacks and abilities. He commands his army of shades to either lock down unsuspecting victims or terrorize entire teams, forcing them to flee from him.

Read on for Baptiste’s abilities…




Reap (Heroic Perk)

Baptiste steals soul fragments through combat and is healed for each soul fragment acquired. Basic attacks and abilities generate soul fragments. Once Baptiste has collected four soul fragments he becomes empowered for four seconds, increasing the damage of his basic attacks and abilities. While empowered, Baptiste no longer generates additional soul fragments.

Bad Mojo (A)

Baptiste pulls a vial of liquid from his vest and throws it. The vial explodes upon reaching its target or when colliding with an enemy. Enemies near the explosion take damage and are slowed.


Ordained (B)

Baptiste ordains a target enemy, damaging them and creating an ethereal prison around them. If the ordained target leaves the area, they are stunned and take additional damage.



Fearsome Shade (Ultimate)

Baptiste summons waves of shade that terrorize enemies caught in their path. Enemies struck by the shade run from the source in fear and take damage each second.



Baptiste has hidden synergy with some of his abilities depending on your build style. Read below to see what those bonuses do for you.


Baptiste is primarily a crystal mage, but he becomes most powerful with careful timing of his abilities. Using an ability while the Reap perk is empowered results in double damage, so be sure to max your soul fragments before using a lengthy cooldown like Ordained.

Bad Mojo grants soul fragments for each enemy hero hit, but the healing is delayed during the animation. Use this delay to your advantage by hitting multiple enemy heroes with Bad Mojo after gaining three soul fragments. The delayed stacks will heal you, even if you are empowered.


Baptiste alternates between two stages while fighting:

  • Reaping soul fragments and healing with each basic attack means high attack speed both heals him faster and reduces the time before becoming empowered again.
  • Once empowered, Baptiste deals 25% bonus damage with all his basic attacks!

Keep an eye on the in-game News section for more Baptiste info and guides. His enemies will be running in fear in Update 2.4!