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Celebrate the Autumn Festival with Three ‘Moon’ Lyra skins!

Celebrate the Autumn Festival with Three ‘Moon’ Lyra skins!

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  • Sep 29, 2017

The moon bunnies can’t decide: is Lyra a Queen, an Empress or a Goddess? Either way, the ruler of the moon lives there all alone. She needs a friend to help her celebrate the Autumn Festival. Read more about ‘Moon Queen,’ ‘Moon Empress’ and ‘Moon Goddess’ Lyra below!


Each ‘Moon’ Lyra skin has a brand-new look, including distinctive antlers!

‘Moon Empress’ Lyra

  • Flowered violet silk hanfu robes
  • Knotted & rolled hairstyle with golden rings and medallion
  • Violet & gold, moon bunny embossed book

‘Moon Queen’ Lyra

  • Royal red & green silk dangui hanbok
  • Ornamented eoyeo meori hairstyle
  • Red & gold, moon bunny embossed book

‘Moon Goddess’ Lyra

  • Peach-pink & flowered, formal kimono and stone necklace
  • Marumage hairstyle
  • Red, white & gold, moon bunny embossed book




The Reunion of Sun and Moon
Read about ‘Moon Princess’ Celeste

One autumn, while Celeste was on the moon for her annual mooncake tasting, she noticed in the distance the silhouette of a grand palace.

“What is that?” asked Celeste with her mouth full of cherry mooncake.

A nearby bunny looked up from her clipboard, on which she was marking Celeste’s preferences. “That’s where the Moon Queen lives,” she said. “She rules over us all because she loves us.”

“No!” cried another bunny. “She’s the Moon Empress. She’s here because she drank a potion that made her fly up to the moon and now she’s stuck here.”

“She chose to be here,” said a third bunny. “She’s a Moon Goddess. She used to be in love with the Sun God, but he broke her heart. She chose to become the Moon Goddess so she would be on the other side of the world from him.”

“Is she a bunny?” asked Celeste.

“No. She’s like you,” said the bunny. “Except her name is Lyra, and she has antlers, and she’s always sad.”

Celeste brushed the crumbs from her hands and set off to the palace, leaving the bunnies to their bickering.

Lyra answered the door herself. She narrowed her eyes at Celeste.

“Stand up straight,” she ordered.

Celeste stood up straight and cleared her throat. “I thought you might like some cherry mooncakes. They’re the bunnies’ newest flavor.“

“No, thank you,” said Lyra. “The Autumn Festival is for family. I am all alone.”

“Why do you live on the moon alone?” asked Celeste.

“The man I love lives on the sun,” said the Empress. “He stopped the sun in the sky so he could look at me all day and all night. So the sun shone all the time on one place, and the rest of the world was cold and dark.”

“That’s bad,” whispered Celeste.

“So my people banished me to the moon, so that the man I love would have to chase the moon all day and all night.”

“The Autumn Festival is for family and moon-watching,” said Celeste. “The man you love should be here on the moon with you.”

The Empress’ eyes brightened, and for the first time, she did not look sad. “But how would he get here?”

Celeste whistled and a comet flew by. She grabbed its tail and flew off the moon and all the way to the sun, where she found a man napping all alone in a sun-apple orchard.

“Are you the man who chases the moon?” asked Celeste, tapping at the man’s forehead.

“Yes,” grumbled the man.

“You’re late for the Autumn Festival,” said Celeste. She climbed a tree and tossed down a bunch of sun apples. “Bring these. We already have mooncakes.”

“Mooncakes? We’re going to the moon?” The grumpy man’s voice softened as he gathered the sun apples.

“Come on.” Celeste held out her hand and the man grabbed it, and when the comet swung around again they rode it all the way back to the moon palace. All together, they celebrated the Autumn Festival with cherry mooncakes and sun apples and hugs.

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